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Ponds & Other Water Features in Lexington, KY

Ponds & Lakes

Ponds and lakes create a serene environment to any home or business setting. Diamond Pond / Kentucky Garden and Fountain is Lexington's premiere pond and lake installation. Whether you need your current lake cleaned out and repaired or you want to add a beautiful fountain to your pond, we can do it all.


Fountains are a beautiful addition to any area. If you are wanting to install a fountain in your home or business, Diamond Pond / Kentucky Garden and Fountain is the most experienced company in Lexington. Whether you are wanting a classic style or a unique, custom design, we are the perfect company for you!


Adding a waterfall to your pond or pool is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your outdoor area. Waterfalls can be arranged a number of different ways so give us a call today to discuss your vision!